FIFA 2100: Loot Boxes Considered?

FIFA 2021: Loot boxes considered gambling or not? I bet this game will be called soccer on the field. Imagine how many fouls the players will be getting and how dirty the players will be getting, as well as the items that they need to bring to the game. It seems a little bit extreme, but like everything in football, there will be rules to help stop things getting out of hand. One has to wonder if it is a perfect game plan, but with all the players being paid, they will most likely do anything to win.

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If the game were to be played strictly according to the rules of the game, it would help prevent players from taking too many risks or taking advantage of other teams. Since this game is on steroids, players can build an excess of muscle mass that they can put on display for all to see. This could cause conflicts among various teams and even competitions within groups of friends or family. But with the many rules, you can pretty much sum up the game as gambling when you are trying to outwit your opponent.

FIFA 2150: Loot Boxes Considered? The game will be fun, but will it be a healthy activity? Can the players really gain any skill or will all of the players be out to win for their financial gains? Only time will tell.

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